Consecutive Translation

Consecutive Translation – also called Consecutive Interpretation – is a way of translating short or medium length speech when the speaker takes a break. It takes longer to complete, as the speaker must stop speaking for a few moments for the translator to complete their notes and then translate verbally. The time for completion of the service can double, compared with Simultaneous Translation.

This type of translation is widely used in environments with a small audience, such as meetings, interviews, dinners, negotiations, press conferences and others. The translator stays close to the speaker, maintaining eye contact, so that they can capture and understand the nuances of the communication. The most effective way to carry out this type of translation is to take notes of what the speaker says. Normally, keywords or small blocks of text are used so that the reasoning can be transposed into the target language.

As in Simultaneous Translation, it is important that the translator researches and even brings support materials so that the translation is accurate and there is no difficulty in understanding the subject matter. Another point to remember is that often the use of a microphone is required at the time of interpretation, so the translator needs to make sure that they have enough space to accommodate the microphone and their notes.

Another issue in common with Simultaneous Translation is the requirement not only for fluency in both languages, but also for quick reasoning and extensive cultural knowledge. Every form of knowledge and experience is valid and helps to improve the translator’s technique. The use of memory is also a key factor in contributing to a well done and exquisite translation, since, as much as the use of notes is possible, there may not be time to write, so we resort to memorizing what was said.

Our translators are experienced in both modalities and are available for work anywhere in the world. We guarantee an excellent service, meeting all types of demand, with quality and promptness.

Tradução Consecutiva