Simultaneous Translations

Simultaneous Translation – also known as Simultaneous Interpretation – is a way of verbally translating from one language to another in real time. This is only possible with the use of specific sound devices (audio transmitters and receivers), as the translator – or interpreter – needs to listen to the speaker and translate immediately afterwards. The audience can hear the translation performed in real time through headphones.

The translator goes into in a soundproof booth, usually located at the back of the room, listening to what the speaker is saying and, in a matter of seconds, they translate verbally so that the audience, provided with headphones, can understand the content of the communication. Often, the professional is provided with textual support material in addition to a translator, as this type of translation is required at long events, where professionals must take turns speaking.

This kind of translation was invented after the Second World War in the trials of German soldiers. At the time, it was only possible to do Consecutive Translation, in which a person speaks, the translator takes the time to translate and replicates what was said in another language. As the sessions were very long and there was a need to translate into more than four languages, the devices were invented and this allowed everything to proceed more quickly.

Today, it is very common to find Simultaneous Translation in lectures, events, conferences, training sessions, congresses, in other words, environments where the audience and the main speaker do not know the same language. In addition to requiring quick reasoning and fluency in the target and source languages, this type of work requires the translator to be a source of knowledge. Therefore, it is essential that the professional knows in advance what the subject matter is, so that they can do research, prepare glossaries and suchlike, ensuring that the translation is as accurate as possible.

We have a team of highly qualified simultaneous translators available to perform services anywhere in the world. The professionals have experience in the area of performance and guarantee a correct result for the customer, with quality and confidence.

Tradução Simultânea