Subtitling is a type of translation whose source material is in audio and video format and it is necessary for the translated text to be superimposed on the scenes in a manner synchronized with speech. One of the most common forms of translation, it is very much present in our daily lives, whether in films, series, television programs, internet videos, music videos and so on. As easy as it may seem, it is time-consuming and full of details.

The translator may receive the transcribed audio in the original language or translate directly from it. They do the translation, based on the content, using their cultural knowledge, doing research, talking to other professionals to find a balance between an appropriate translation and what will in fact go on screen. After that, the content is reviewed and passed on to the team who take care of the synchronization part.

One of the most important parts of the process is understanding the cultural context and nuances. In the case of entertainment materials, for example, there is the difficulty of finding equivalents for jokes and puns, making the professional decide between losing the humorous parts by being faithful to the script or adapting and finding something similar (but not equal) in the target language. There are also issues of inappropriate content, where you need to know the customer’s opinion and think about the audience’s perception.

There are specific programs that help in the process of synchronizing subtitles, another challenge of this type of translation. It is of utmost importance that the speech displayed on the screen is in accordance with what is actually being said. Sometimes it is necessary to adapt the translation to a short visual space, as the translated text is usually larger than the original. There are cases where the speech is too long compared to the time available for subtitles, so it becomes necessary to summarize.

At our company, the translation team takes care of transforming the text from one language to another, aiming for fidelity and the best adaptation to the target culture, and the editing team takes care of the synchronization of the translated text with the video. Our professionals are able to guarantee an improved work, always valuing the quality and fulfillment of deadlines.

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