Sworn Translations

In an increasingly globalized world, we are often exposed to translation without even realizing it. From a film title to a social network, it is possible to notice how the act of translating has become something necessary for our daily lives. Although we have so much access to the transition from one language to another, there are times when translation goes beyond knowing two or more languages.

Within the translation area, there is Sworn Translation, which is nothing more than a type of translation (or version) made by a Public Translator – or Certified Translator – whose function is to translate foreign documents so that they are valid in the country of the target language. In Brazil, a Public Translator needs to be awarded and recognized by the Board of Trade of the federal unit in which they work. The translation, outside the body of the text itself, consists of a signature and stamp of the appropriate Public Translator, a letterhead and notarized signature from a notary office and/or embassy.

In addition to the fact that it is indispensable for the translator to have state-certified powers to guarantee the legality of a document reproduced in another language, Sworn Translation requires special care. Three challenges are encountered when translating a legal text: mastery of terms, phraseology and idiomatic fluency in the target and source languages, knowledge of the legal system of these languages, and execution of textual and editing standards to finalize the translation. The importance of meeting these challenges determines a quality translation.

Certificates, identity documents, diplomas, files, contracts and agreements are some of the examples of documents that require a sworn translation. There are cases in which the translation of a technical text needs to be certified, as it may serve as a legal document in the future. This type of translation is valid throughout the country, usually required by companies, universities, law firms or even the State.

We guarantee that our services are provided with excellence. In addition to being able to count on speed, our translations are faithful and fluid, and done by qualified professionals who have a rich knowledge of several languages. We also have an editing team, ensuring the authenticity and formatting required. We value quality and transparency, as well as offering great value for money.

Tradução Juramentada