A voice-over is the process of verbal communication in audio form used for advertising or broadcasting. In our daily life, we can find it in the most diverse forms: radio, podcasts, television program calls, live broadcasts (such as sports, news etc.), waiting messages, electronic services and advertisements, among others. Many companies make use of this service to publicize their work or to incorporate it into the corporate environment.

Common sense often says that people with beautiful, pleasant voices could be voice-over artists. But in order to do a voice-over, it is necessary to hire a qualified professional. The professional studies how to control the voice and diction, train their breathing and how to transmit the message clearly and with the appropriate tone. The use of the techniques and lessons learned ensure that the professional performs a quality job.

The voice-over is gaining space in people’s daily lives. As we live in a world where people are in a constant hurry, many people use voice-overs for entertainment or as a source of knowledge. We have the radio as the most common form, present in cars, waiting rooms or even at home and also, it is normal to find people listening to podcasts while doing other things or listening to an audiobook while going home.

The use of voice-overs by a company can yield profits, since it can be used as a form of advertising in various media: television, radio, social networks, Internet and others. One of the advantages of this service is the speed and practicality with which it is done, establishing a more intimate communication and sometimes reaching a diversified audience.

In our company, aside from translation and editing services, we also offer this activity with the help of long-term partnerships with sound studios and experienced speakers in the source language. We know that there are customers interested in translating videos and not interested in subtitling, so a voice-over is a great alternative for these cases. There are also cases of the need to include audio in a certain presentation, for example. We guarantee the delivery of material produced with excellence and professionalism.

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